The risky politics of progress | Jonathan Tepperman

Global problems such as terrorism, inequality and political dysfunction aren't easy to solve, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying. In fact, suggests ...

2016-09-24 18:17 53,895

Laurie Santos: How monkeys mirror human irrationality

http://www.ted.com Why do we make irrational decisions so predictably? Laurie Santos looks for the roots of human irrationality by watching the way our primate ...

2010-07-29 20:17 122,232

Richard Seymour: How beauty feels

http://www.ted.com A story, a work of art, a face, a designed object -- how do we tell that something is beautiful? And why does it matter so much to us? Designer ...

2011-10-12 17:16 109,957


International Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Europe, Sep 20, 2015.

2016-07-12 38:10 13,501

Week 2

This lecture, David dives right in to some C code, looking at what good code style is. We start to pick apart functions in C, different types in C, and the tragic ...

2014-10-03 54:24 109,291

台灣 劉君眉 V S 日本 藤永 憂

台灣 劉君眉 V S 日本 藤永 憂...

2015-08-18 02:13 6

吴莫愁最清纯素颜照曝光 眉清目秀好似小S

吴莫愁最清纯素颜照曝光 眉清目秀好似小S...

2013-01-18 00:43 3

TV Bor - Rekli su o Boru

Televizija Bor...

2012-12-03 03:36 354
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